• Adidas_MB

    A lot of people try to overcome the stony way, but only few are able to. The blue people disqualify at the beginning – sport for the masses. There are only very little people who fight until the end. The end are emotions, jubilation, glory and fame, gold metals and fans. It is not an everyday situation, but a world of its own. A lot of athletes dream of this world, but it is hard to get there. The carabiner represents the brand that accompanies the athletes reliable on their way.

    (female, 27)

  • Adidas_Jasmin_F

    The sculpture represents the brand in a more abstract manner. There are some hard elements like the athlete in the center who grasps for the stars that are all over. And he has different pieces of sports equipment like a tennis racket or a ball. Below there is the logo of the brand in silver and high gloss, because they want to be seen as modern. And then you see nature, water, fire and violet which represents creativity for me. And the brand combines all these different elements.

    (female, 36)

  • Tirol_Hintringer

    All those colored things should sweeten the whole brand …the sugar, the cinnamon or the red lips. It is the crass opposite – the stones and the hard things and on the other hand the lovely and smooth forms. The stones represent the mountains in its original way without life. As soon as you are at a mountain you recognize how full of life it is, how sweet. The song „Sweet Emotion“ from Aerosmith underlines this sweetness of the brand. The brand sweetens up life for people.

    (male, 23)

  • Tirol_Willburger

    I associate the brand with sports I can do in nature. I thought to build something that is quite close to nature, so I used all these tree barks and fir cones, because they make me think of mountain pines. I sculptured this brown bear because of the fluffy fur which should represent the coziness of the brand – it makes me feel homey. The snowboarder on the top is very important to me. He shows the young and dynamic part of the brand and that nature and humans become one.

    (male, 29)


    The sculpture’s core symbolizes the brand’s core meaning which is precious, surreal, and fragile. This core is surrounded by cotton and rose petals which are supposed to protect the precious core from the harsh reality outside.

    (male, 35)

  • MSS_Skulptur-3

    With my sculpture I tried to illustrate the organized chaos that characterizes this company. I chose the materials very carefully, for example, sweet and sour food because there are ‘sweet temptations’ for the company’s customers but also ‘sour disappointments’ if a customer cannot be granted access to a product.

    (male, 50)

  • MSS_Skulptur-2

    I used natural materials in sunny, bright colors to symbolize the relatively friendly atmosphere and the nature that surrounds the company. The red brick, on the contrary, indicates that there are also some aggressive and difficult elements in this environment.

    (male, 34)



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